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What Are Tenants Responsible for in a Portsmouth Rental Home

What Are Tenants Responsible for in a Portsmouth Rental Home

Tenants and landlords have distinct roles to play in making an effective tenancy possible. Better cooperation will result in longer leases, adding to the convenience of both parties. As Portsmouth renters, you need to know the tenant responsibilities outlined under the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act (VRLTA). These include the following.

Pay Rent on Time

As tenants, you are expected to pay rent regularly, by the stipulated date mentioned in the lease agreement. Landlords rely on their monthly rental income to pay all the expenses such as mortgage, taxes, and repair charges. Irregularity in paying rent can put your landlord at financial risk. Therefore, paying rent on time and maintaining your account is fundamental to your tenancy. 

Your lease agreement also requires you to make regular payments, and not following it may result in legal action, or worst case, eviction. Landlords may also charge late fees for delaying the rent payment. If possible, you should schedule a monthly reminder to pay rent online which makes the process hassle-free for you and the landlord both.

Maintain The Rental Property in Good Condition

Tenants should maintain the property well and keep it in a good condition by taking care of the house. You should regularly undertake minor activities such as cleaning the yard and interior, fixing normal wear and tear, taking the garbage out, leaf and snow removal from the premises, cleaning the walkways, floor and replacing bulbs and lights if necessary.

While the maintenance policy may vary from lease to lease, tenants are accountable for any primary repair issues while renting and should consciously avoid causing significant damage to the property during your tenancy.

Comply With the Terms of The Lease

Tenants should strictly follow the terms of the rental contract. Pay a security deposit at the beginning of the tenancy and pay rent regularly. Also, the duration of the agreement and renewal process must be considered. The lease agreement should also state a repair and maintenance policy. 

In addition, try to maintain occupancy limits in the rental as mentioned in the agreement. Complying with all the essential terms of the lease may expand your tenancy for a long duration.

Report Repair Issues to The Landlord

Normal wear and tear may result in significant damage to the property over time. Therefore, tenants should immediately report maintenance issues as soon as they notice it. Waiting or hesitating may only put you and your family at risk. 

Ensure you pay attention to every repair issue in the house and submit a maintenance request immediately. Landlords can take quick action and get the maintenance done on priority. Not reporting the maintenance issue will result in deferred maintenance and subsequent problems, especially if you have a longer rental tenure.

Pay for Any Damage You Cause to the Property 

Tenants are liable to pay for any harm caused to the property by them. Landlords take a security deposit to protect themselves from financial loss caused by damage. But if the cost of damage repairs is greater than the value of the security deposit, renters must pay a certain amount as compensation. Here are some examples of damages by the occupants.

  • Burned or stained carpets

  • A large hole on the walls or doors

  • Broken windows

  • Damaged or clogged toilets

  • Broken cabinet doors

broken glass window Not paying for damage you cause may lead to further legal conflicts and evictions. Landlords are not responsible for the damages that occur during the tenancy. It is better to get rental insurance to save you from financial loss. It covers the damage caused by renters and keeps you protected.

Renters should understand their duties and tenant responsibilities towards the rental property. In addition, it is essential to verify if all these terms are included in the agreement. 

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