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Doud Realty Services, Inc., Property Management, Portsmouth, VA

Tenant FAQ's

Am I required mow my lawn?
If you are in a single family residence, you are not only required to mow my lawn, but you are supposed to maintain flower beds keeping them weed free, and cut all hedges at least twice a year.  If you are in a duplex, Triplex, or quad, you must read your lease carefully, you may be required to split lawn care with other residents in the building.  For 5 unit buildings or above you are not required to do any lawn maintenance. 

Do I have to pay for maintenance items I request to be fixed?
If you are cause of the required maintenance, example someone in your house hold put a bottle top down the garbage disposal, then yes you would be responsible for this cost, however if you’re A/C will not turn on, this would not be charged to you.  

***Keep in mind HVAC systems have a 20-degree Differential this means that if the weather outside is 100+ degrees, you will be lucky if you can maintain 80 degrees.   Any repair technician called out to a property and the unit is working with in specifications the tenant will be charged for diagnosis charge****

I am locked out; do I call you for an emergency lock out?
No, we do not provide any assistance for emergency lockouts, you must call a locksmith.  If you are locked out from the property during our business hours, you may contact our office to make arrangements to pick up a Key.  You will get to use the Key for 24 hours and must be returned to the property manager from the same place you picked up the key.  If it is not returned you will be accessed a $50.00 fee for replacing a key. Any damage caused to the property due to you being locked out will be charged to you for the repair or replacement.

I can’t log on to my tenant portal; do I still get charged a late fee for not paying my rent on time?
Yes, Just because you can’t log doesn’t mean your late fee is waived.  Also you cannot call the emergency line to get help to unlock your portal after our business hours.  

When I log in to my tenant portal, it wont let me pay rent, why not?
If you are paying any time after the 5th of the month all tenant portal payments are cut off.  You must pay with certified funds. 

When is my rent Due?
Your rent is Due on the 1st day of every month; you have until the 5th to pay it.  If you are paying in the office or by mail we must receive no later than 4pm on the 5th.  If the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend you rent must be paid by the business day prior to the 5th by 4pm so it is recorded as received in our office.  If you are paying online or at a pay near me location (example 7-11) you can pay your rent up to 11:59 on the 5th, but if rent is received on the 6th, it incurs a late fee.

Doud Realty Services, Inc.

533 County St
Portsmouth, VA 23704

Phone: (757) 295-8007 Opt 2
Email: info@doudrs.com

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Doud Realty Services, Inc., Property Management, Portsmouth, VA

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Doud Realty Services, Inc.
533 County St
Portsmouth, VA 23704

Phone: (757) 295.8007 Opt 2
Email: info@doudrs.com

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