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When Is the Best Time of the Year to Advertise Your Virginia Rental Property?

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Advertise Your Virginia Rental Property?

There are some standard things that will impact how quickly you rent out your Virginia property and for how much money. The location and size of your property both have an impact and so does the home’s condition. 

The market is the most powerful driver of how much you can charge and how quickly you’ll rent your home, however. Many property owners forget to consider the impact that season can have on your Virginia rental property. It makes a difference. 

The best time to advertise your Virginia rental property is in the late spring and throughout the summer. Here’s why it matters. 

Advertising Rental Homes in the Spring 

Rental property advertising is most successful in the spring, and that’s for several different reasons. 

First, tenants with children want to move before the new school year starts. So, they’ll start looking for their next home a month or two before the end of this school year and with plenty of time for their kids to settle in and have a nice summer before the new school year starts. 

The weather is also better. In Virginia, we’re usually spared the intense highs and lows that can grip other parts of the country. But, no one wants to move during the coldest days of the year and seeing a potential new home in the pouring rain is just never fun. Spring is inherently a time of change and renewal. Life’s general rhythms seem to sync with moving during these months. 

Let’s not forget that a lot of tenants also have a healthy tax return deposited into their accounts by April. This gives them some new options for moving and having access to the cash that will be needed to hire movers, buy new furniture, and put down a security deposit. 

Summer Works Well for Rental Property Too

Summer months are also a good time to advertise your rental property. In many cases, it’s for the same reasons that spring works. The weather is better and schedules tend to be a bit more flexible for prospective tenants. 

Another thing that makes summer so attractive is that the days are longer. You can schedule showings well into the evening without worrying about the neighborhood being too dark. 

Advertising Rental Homes in Winter

Advertising Rental Homes in WinterThe winter months can present a more challenging market for many Virginia rental property owners. 

From October to January and even into February, there’s less interest in moving for most tenants. You may be able to attract renters who are relocating to the area, but you’ll find that your tenant pool definitely shrinks. You’ll want to target the potential renters who may be looking for a new home as a change just after the holidays. The other thing that works in your favor is that there is typically less inventory, so the tenants who are looking to move will have more incentive to consider your property because there’s less competition.

We’d be happy to help you rent out your Virginia home regardless of the season. If you’d like some leasing and property management help and resources, please contact us at Doud Realty Services.