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Relocating Overseas? How a Norfolk, VA Property Manager Will Look After Your Home

Many owners think that property managers only collect the rent. At Doud Realty Services, we are not just rent collectors. We partner in protecting your investment, and today we are talking about some of the ways that we can look after your home, particularly if you are not in the area.


Legal Compliance

We know the local laws and ordinances, which allows us to protect your investment by doing proper inspections and getting the necessary certificates so we can rent the property out and keep it compliant with the law. 

Lease Enforcement

We enforce all lease provisions, including maintaining pet policies, paying attention to parking requirements and watching out for condo regulations and HOA violations. We pursue tenants for nonpayment of rent when necessary, and we make sure all the terms and conditions of the lease are being followed. 

Acting as Your Agent

We can act as your agent when you are not local. We’ll have the authority to file court documents against your tenants when necessary, present your case to the courts, start and stop utilities, hire contractors, make emergency repairs and start insurance claims all on your behalf. 


As an active partner in your investment, we keep accurate property records. We will always have access to your current lease, we will provide the necessary notices to tenants, and we’ll coordinate all repairs while remembering our fiduciary duties to you. We make sure we are looking out for your best interest financially. 

There’s a risk of leaving your property without having professional Norfolk property management in place to take care of it. We often get frantic phone calls from owners who thought they could manage from out of state or out of the country. Sometimes they don’t even know if their tenant is still in the property, or if the home is habitable. 

Currently, 75 percent of our clients are out of the area and 50 percent of those are overseas. Our clients find it a comfort to have someone here to maintain their property value while they are out of the area. If you have any questions about this information, please contact us at Doud Realty Services. We look forward to helping you.