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5 Rules to Follow When Purchasing Appliances for Your Norfolk Rental

5 Rules to Follow When Purchasing Appliances for Your Norfolk Rental

If you have ever purchased appliances, you must be aware of the immense research that goes into making the right choice. The buying process can grow even more complicated when you'll be purchasing for your tenants rather than for yourself. Here are a few basic rules to follow when purchasing electronics for your Norfolk rental.

  • Avoid Purchasing Second-Hand Appliances

Old appliances consume more energy than new ones. They also tend to break down more quickly causing inconveniences for you and the tenants. A second-hand refrigerator, for instance, will consume more electricity, not give a superior cooling effect due to an average compressor, and lead to inefficient preservation of food, ultimately resulting in high energy consumption.

In addition, you might have to bear the cost of frequent repairs or replace this second-hand equipment soon. Hence, even if buying second-hand devices might seem like a cheaper option, it will cost you more in the longer run.

On the other hand, new devices function smoothly and last longer. They come with a warranty under which you can avail of free servicing for a fixed duration. You have proof to assure your tenants of its quality and do not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

  • Buy Energy-Efficient Products

While old appliances certainly consume more energy, it does not mean that new ones are necessarily designed for less consumption.

Hence, buying energy-efficient products should be a conscious decision. You can easily check the energy ratings of an appliance that are issued by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and spotlighted on every new product. The rating ranges from one star to five stars, where five stars indicate the highest energy efficiency.

The federal government requires most of the appliances to display a bright yellow and a black Energy Guide label. These labels display the annual energy consumption and cost. With such products, you can save a considerable amount on your electricity bills, making it a cost-efficient option for you.

  • Choose an Appliance That Fits Well in the Rental Space

Choosing a product that fits well in the rental home is necessary. For instance, buying an oversized refrigerator that takes up a whole lot of space in your kitchen could be a waste of money.

Sometimes, such big appliances are not even required by the tenants. While the devices over-utilize the space, they are under-utilized by the tenants. It could also depreciate the aesthetic value of your Norfolk rental if they are not ergonomic. Remember, your rental is not your home, so do not impose personal choices. Stick to generic products.

  • Check the Warranty

Choose an appliance with a greater warranty period as you will not have to pay for repairs and replacements during this span. If the warranty period is only 3 to 6 months, you may not be able to avail of it since the appliances ordinarily work well in the initial months of use.

  • Cost vs. Value

Make sure that you buy appliances at the best price possible. Visit different local stores, explore websites, check and compare the prices, and choose the product with the most suitable price comparing cost vs the value it offers.

Your price range can also depend on the kind of rental property you own in Norfolk. If your house is new and up-to-date, you can think of buying new expensive products that add to the value of your rental home.

A property manager in Norfolk can not only help you find the most suitable appliances at the best prices for your Norfolk property, but can also take care of its installation, rental property inspection, and maintenance.

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