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5 Reasons to Choose Doud Realty Services for Norfolk, VA Property Management

At Doud Realty Services, we treat your home the same way we treat our own. 


Doud Realty Services is Owner Focused


We have been growing every year since we opened our doors in June of 2012. We are an owner-focused company because we own rental properties ourselves. This puts us in a unique position as property managers. We know what it’s like to be a landlord, and we have dealt with all the same challenges and had all the same questions that you do. 


Doud Realty Creates Effective Systems


Our services make professional property management a more reasonable solution for a lot of people.  As a small real estate firm, we have created and implemented policies and procedures to keep all your functions consistent, compliant, and effective. We have tools and resources that help us respond quickly to owner and tenant needs. We’re able to get your properties rented faster, and we can minimize the expenses that come with owning investment homes.   


Doud Realty Works Efficiently with Technology


We use Appfolio - an online property management software which tracks every transaction for your property. It enables us to send digital statements to owners, and to electronically document property inspections. We can make ACH payments directly to your bank account and accept rental payments online from tenants using ACH transfers or credit cards. If tenants want to pay cash, our system provides them with a barcode that they take into a 7-11 store or an Ace Cash Service Center. 


Doud Realty Keeps Vacancy and Turnover Times Down


We have partnered with a company called Rently for property showings. Prospective tenants can drive by a home for rent, scan the barcode on the top of the For-Rent sign, register with a credit card, and then view the property at any time that’s convenient for them. This has brought down vacancy rates because tenants don’t have to work a showing into their already busy schedules. 


Doud Realty is Fair and Transparent


Many property management companies require long-term contracts, which locks you in as an owner. We only have month to month management agreements. We also won’t charge you until your property is rented. You won’t be subject to advertising or leasing fees, and your only costs will be the monthly management fee, an accounting fee, and a one-time setup fee. 


If these things sound good to you, contact us at Doud Realty. We’d be happy to tell you more about what we can do for you and your property.